Yellow Hound (2014)


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released 24 July 2014



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Track Name: So Youthful (9/4)
When i'm out walking i hear the people talking
Where is he going to ?
With no sense of direction in need of correction
Man i think i need more tattoos


Im meeting a friend
Right where the road ends
Says she don't know what to do
I've been reading the good book
Its given me this outlook
I know you'd look good in my arms
Track Name: Running Up The Country Hills
Stone face solum drawn down to the ground
Stone face solum drawn down to the ground

But i'm short of breath

Running up the hills, Those lovely country hills (2)

Now im forced to look up to see you moving on

Look to the sky to throw the demons and move on

But i'm short of breath


Why can't i see two feet ahead? yeahhhh

I'll never be free, just trapped on this road
Track Name: Struck Gold
Well it looks good from my house
as the saying goes
wouldn't be above me
to say i struck gold
what is left if the circle is broke?
a pile of bills and some unpaid jokes

Well the hands of time are hands of a mime
unforgiving of actions
pleading the fifth
what is left if the circle is broke?
a pile of bills and some unpaid jokes

Like a skipping record in the dark
repeating the groove has got you alive
move that needle from the wax
flip it over to the other side
Track Name: Out Of My Own Way (OOMOW)
Why'd you have to come home past 6 o'clock?
got dinner in the microwave
all day long its like the clock has stopped
cant get out of my own way

Everything is to weird today cant get out of my own way
i cant find the words to say
cant get out of my own way

Am i the only one with this day off?
unless your home sick with a cough
i gotta find better things to do
im just to bored without you


i've got this new hobby
its gonna melt the fat right off me.
Track Name: Grandiose
im starting to feel that your love isn't real for me
i know that you smile but your in denial

six years of lies came as such a surprise to me
your things are all packed and theres not turning back as you leave

grand, grandiose
in a land of comatose
so on on we roll
grand, grandiose

onto the next without any regrets you move
so i work on myself as if i've got something to prove
Track Name: Any Old Love Poem
Can you see through the haze that you call a smile?
is the trouble that your minds in worth the while

Take some time take it slow, think it through
after all your the only one that knows you

through obstacles jump and triumph when lives unfair
when things fall out theres no doubt
you know i'm there

and its just any old love poem sent from the jester to the queen on her throne
Track Name: A Gift
I cant move in here
got too many things
maze around the boxes
with no labels on them

How could i get rid of that?
someone gave it to me
ill get around to fixing it
i had to take it cause it was free

id open a window
if one could be be found
i need these things
they wont fit in the ground

avid collecter
an antique freek
piles and piles and pies
Track Name: Brain Scattered
Ive got the worst case
of scatter brain
ooo brain scattered

your body is a temple and your mind is so grand
its a river thats flowing that ill never understand

i sit down to write then i get up to eat and i cant stay on my feet
i listen to the music as i lay down to sleep but i get tired of the beat
i go to draw a sketch or read a book then i'm staring out the window
having myself a look

i go to cook some food then i say i'm not in the mood
in a minute ill have a bite
i say some nice words then i turn them all around
i yell but i say " i don't want to fight"
Track Name: Stilt Man
I am the stilt man
man upon the stilts

i am the hill man
man upon the hill

i cannot listen to words you have to say
i will not listen to things that don't matter any way

my view from hear is way over the trees
the stilts and i have learned to walk with ease

my view from hear is way over the trees
and if you listen you can catch my breed
Track Name: Rock up pt.2
I can feel the wheels moving
captured by the rhythm
you pull me towards the light of reason
i break myself just to please you
crank me up until i hear you screaming
it fucking kills you to please me
i jeer myself in life everyday
so i drown myself in sweet bitter either

motion me down